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Dual View System Modular and Flexible Videoscope


Dual View System Compact and Flexible Videoscope

The XLED PRO DUAL VIEW Video System is a small and highly portable inspection system. Dual functionality in a single videoscope. 

Choose 4 mm or 6 mm diameter with integral display as the iRis DUAL VIEW self-contained multifunctional display or two XLED DUAL VIEW videoscopes interchangeable with the X-Capture video hub.

Do you have multiple applications? Set yourself up with the most progressive videoscope on the market. The 4 mm and 6 mm diameter videoscopes are interchangeable for use on the X-Capture hub.

Small and large turbines? The 4 mm DUAL VIEW videoscope is ideal for corporate aviation. It meets all the requirements for the Pratt & Whitney Canada engine models with proven optics. The 6 mm is ideal for your larger engine models: CFM56, CF6, PW2000, PW4000 and similar motors. Small and larger compressor, turbines and combustion chambers are more quickly inspected with less down time, saving you money. 

You accomplishing twice as much with a DUAL VIEW videoscope. The world’s first dual channel videoscopes, two image sensors in one. Save time by looking ahead and instantaneously switch to side view at the touch of a button or looking in both directions simultaneously via split screen.

Take advantage of new technology – it’s not only a new and unique product, but a new and fast way to accomplish your inspections. Direct and side view inspections with a single videoscope and no tip adapters required!

With diameters of 4.0 mm or 6.0 mm and lengths from 1.5 m to 7.5 m the XLED PRO DUAL VIEW system leaves nothing to be desired.

The X-Capture Touchscreen display establishes a complete and easy to handle videoscope inspections. XLED PRO DUAL VIEW videoscope systems are also compatible with the DVR PRO and HDMI ZOOM BOX hubs. Connect via wireless video streaming to remote viewing areas or use the DVR PRO for PC based inspections.

  • Weld inspection of pharmaceutical and food processing pipe: direct view to locate the target then, with a simple touch of the menu function, switch to side view to look directly on the weld for detailed view of the color, tail and pitting
  • Aviation and stationary turbines: ideal for inspection of turbines and compressors, inspect the rotor path and quickly switch to side view for a view between the vanes to secondary stages of blades 
  • Casting: easily inspect for blockages directly ahead and switch to view cross over and through holes 

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0° and 90° - View simultaneously from 4 mm or 6 mm diameter.

The side-mounted 90° camera is located directly at the distal end. Thus, dual vision is achieved without delay. The distal end is extremely short due to the compact design and therefore has the best possible navigation characteristics.


Dual View Videoscope Functionality

Dual View Videoscope Functionality Summary:
  • High definition 7” Touch Screen display (800 X 480) 
  • Simultaneous direct and side viewing 
  • Split screen viewing or dedicated to either direction 
  • Zoom: Either camera .5X to 3X in .5X increments, 1.5X on dual view screen 
Rigid Distal Length of camera head comparison (6mm diameter):
  • 28mm - Dual View Videoscope 
  • 21mm – Standard Direct viewing DVR X 
  • 28mm – 6mm DVR XA with side view adapter 
  • 27mm - iRis DVR 5 (CCD imager)