Imaging Fiber Bundle, Fiber Optic Bundle Imaging

Fiber Optic Image Bundle
Leached Glass Fiber Bundle 

Leached Image Guide, Fiber-optic Bundle

Fiber Optic Image Bundle, Leached Image Bundle, Leached Image Guides, Fiber Bundle

Fiber Optic Image Bundle

Leached Glass Fiber Bundle/Image Guide

Cost effective HR (High Resolution) leached glass fiber optic image bundle with loose or tight tube (protective coating). Diameters from 0.38mm to 1.4mm with lengths up to 3m and up to 21,000 fiber cables (fiber pixels). Adaptable to most devices and designs, Karl Storz, Olympus, and Pentax compatible. Perfect for industrial and security related applications.

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Leached fiber-optic image bundle (also referred to as leached fiber bundle, imaging fiber bundle, fiber optic bundle imaging) is a flexible and coherent (ordered) image guide, consisting of thousands to tens of thousands of fiber cables (fiber pixels) and allowing optical images transmission from one (distal) end of the bundle to the other (proximal) end.

Fiber image bundles in general can be used for medical, veterinary and industrial applications in endoscopes, borescopes, and fiberscopes when paired with custom optics and light sources.

IT Concepts standard and HR fiber optic imaging bundles are manufactured using leached high-quality optic glass and could be coated with loose or tight protective tubing.

Our fiber optic imaging bundles are specifically designed and most suitable for the following applications:

  • Industrial use (industrial endoscopy)
  • Veterinary use (veterinary endoscopy) 
IT Concepts also offers articulating fiberscopes, including cost-effective articulating fiberscopes (flexible borescopes, flexible industrial endoscopes) made using our own fiber bundles. 

IT Concepts Fiber Optic Image Bundles Advantages

IT Concepts image bundles provide the following technical specifications (technical characteristics), features and advantages:

  • Superior image quality
  • High resolution images
  • Large active area
  • Better moisture isolation
  • Bundle active area (quality area) diameters: 0.38 - 1.4mm
  • Bundle outer diameters: 0.45 - 1.6mm
  • Distal (object side) ferrule diameters: 0.56 - 2.11mm
  • Proximal (eyepiece side) ferrule diameters: 0.64 - 2.11mm
  • Bundle lengths: 0.54 - 3m
  • Fiber diameters: 6 - 12.2 micron*
  • Fiber cables: 5,100 - 21,000 pixels (fiber count)

* Smallest fiber core diameter without cladding: 5 micron.

Fiber bundles with many configurations are available in stock for immediate delivery. Custom fiber bundles are available upon request.

IT Concepts Fiber Optic Image Bundles Applications

IT Concepts Image Bundles Applications

Challenges of Finding Proper Fiber Optic Image Bundles Supplier

Cost effective HR image bundles for small diameter industrial endoscopes (fiberscopes) made IT Concepts one of the leading fiber bundle international supplier worldwide.

Our leached fiber-optic image bundles are used by research labs, centers, and universities, as well as by repair and service centers worldwide. IT Concepts imaging optic bundles are perfectly suited to provide fiberscope repair for Olympus, GE, Machida, Storz, Everest, Pentax, Marca, Hawkeye, Fujinon and almost all other makes & models of flexible borescopes with specialization in small diameter fiberscopes with 2mm (2.4 mm) probe diameters.

IT Concepts unique line of flexible articulating fiberscopes build with our own image bundles provides solid time proven foundation for IT Concepts truly being reliable optic image bundles supplier. 

Individually configured for your needs

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Fiber Optic Image Bundle, Leached Image Bundle, Leached Image Guides, Fiber Bundle
Fiber Optic Image Bundle
Leached Glass Fiber Bundle/Image Guide 
Bundle Diameter: 0.38 - 1.4mm
Length: 0.54 - 3.0m 

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