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Foundry Metal Casting Borescope Inspection

Videoscopes for Metal Mold and Casting Inspections

Foundry Metal Mold and Casting Inspection Borescope

Foundry Metal Mold and Casting INSPECTION BorescopeS 

Borescopes for metal mold and casting inspection and documentation.

Castings provide one of the most difficult and challenging applications for inspection borescopes. The complexity of internal passages combined with the surface roughness of the cast material creates a heavy wear on video, flexible, and rigid borescopes.

Casting is a manufacturing process that is used to make countless metal objects every day. High quality castings come from high quality molds. Many of these metal pieces are extremely intricate and used as parts to make up larger complex machines, systems or units, such as engines, turbines, medical equipment etc. Rigorous casting inspection, before and during use, is essential to maintaining the systems quality they make up.
A rigid, flexible or video borescope is often the easiest, most efficient and fastest way to inspect the finer details inside of metal castings. A video borescope with an attached light source and articulation can reach all the small dark, narrow and otherwise impossible to visualize places in metal castings and molds. Using a borescope will allow to inspect for burs, voids or defects on the surface of the metal, FOD (Foreign Object Debris) that would otherwise be extremely hard to observe. Borescope inspection is also a great way to ensure your molds are clean and free of debris before costly mistakes occur.

This will allow manufacturers to ensure the quality of their product by eliminating castings with flaws from entering the marketplace, as well as allow castings to be inspected by purchasers before being installed, or while in use to check for wear and tear, proper fit etc. With video borescopes images can be saved as picture or video or can be displayed on a screen for others to review.

Maintaining low repair costs is critical. It’s not unusual for borescopes to get damaged in rough foundry environments or contacting metal surfaces during casting inspection. If one of our borescopes gets damaged, our repair and service prices typically run 50% less than the service prices of our competitors, and we can usually have the serviced unit back to you in 15 business days or even faster for urgent repairs.

Read more about IT Concepts videoscope, fiberscope, and borescope repair service.

  • Inspect hard to reach areas inside metal casting quickly
  • Check the fit and placement of cast parts in engines/machines
  • Quality control inspection for defects at the point of manufacture
  • Visualize areas in castings without having to dismantle engines, machines etc.

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Borescope Inspection of Metal Casting

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