iLED System

Flexible Videoscope

iLED System

Flexible videoscope system

The iLED System is a complete Video Inspection System for all kind of infield inspections.

With the integral High Power LED Light Source you get perfect illumination of the inspected object and connect to the iCapture Monitor or any other composite Monitor establishes a complete and easy to handle Video Inspection System. With diameters of 4.0 mm, 6.0 mm or 8.0 mm and lengths from 1.5 m to 7.5 m the iLED System leaves nothing to be desired. 

The iLED Inspection System is a Video Kit which includes the iLED PRO specified by articulation, diameter and working length of the following list and all necessary basic accessories, as one battery and one Objective (except for 4 mm), Charger and Neck-Holder. It comes in Video Pro System Case (up to 4 m length, IATA standard) or iRis Caseplus (from 5 m length, non IATA).